Red Katz

Red Katz

Red Katz is a dynamic “real world” professional speaker with the unique ability to connect, motivate, and inspire any audience within minutes. Over the last 20 years, Red leveraged his natural speaking talent to find professional success as an entrepreneur, in which he built businesses, motivated large teams, raised capital, and streamlined processes to dramatically exceed revenue and profit objectives. By cultivating his passion for motivating others through active membership and leadership in organizations like The Mankind Project, Red realizes his dream by delivering powerful keynote speeches and workshops for a wide variety of corporate and social organizations.


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Live Your YOUlogy for Leadership

Leadership isn’t about having authority over others, bossing them around, or going it alone. But it is a tough job. It’s a privilege of which we are all capable, and we are all called on at some point or another to show just how ready we are to guide the way for others!

With the help of Red Katz and his program, you will learn proven tools to revamp your leadership skill set that WORK and LAST. Red speaks from experience, telling relevant anecdotes from his professional and personal past to prove that he has the keys to leadership success. Things like replacing blame-shifting (and other ineffective norms) with a culture that embraces CAN-do and WILL-do attitudes, approaching change as a positive, and learning how to develop a clear image about how to get where you want to be will seem like simple tasks with Red’s guidance.

Participants will:

Gain a better understanding of themselves so they can communicate more effectively with others.

Develop the necessary self-awareness to start them on their individual paths to success.

Learn how to identify and fix communication breakdowns through a system of personal accountability.