1.1 Networking – It’s a Superpower / Builds Teams and Relationships

Networking – It’s a Superpower / Builds Teams and Relationships

Kesha Kent

Speaker and Consultant

Session Description

Today, informal teams are formed every minute. A team is a group of people (two or more) willing to work together toward achieving some objective. By striving for “teambuilding rather than mere networking, a person can form more solid, more mutually rewarding relationships than by merely playing the “networking game”. By striving to become successful at teambuilding rather than networking, a person will automatically take others more seriously, listen more carefully to others, make clearer requests of others, respond more decisively and successfully to the requests of others, and, most importantly, develop a group of people the person can count on.


Participants will learn:

      • to develop a new lens for relationships through teambuilding which will result in retention of key players
      • to understand the value of relationships and how networking across company lines is a win-win for all involved
      • keys tools that will thrust them into a collaborative spirit and help develop and grow teams as a whole