1.3 Identifying High Potential Leaders: Data Driven Insights

1.3 Identifying High Potential Leaders: Data Driven Insights

Anthony Adorno

Director, Consulting Services


Session Description

Identifying and developing high potential employees (HiPos) continues to be a topic that dominates discussion among the talent management community. Business researchers and executives have invested considerable time trying to pinpoint the competencies, characteristics and related work styles that HiPos have in common – that is, their behavioral DNA. This has resulted in different emerging HiPo models – some that are oversimplified and others that are far too complex.


During this session, we’ll present data that decodes how high potentials are different in a simple, logical way. DeGarmo conducted research with over 750 leaders from different organizations that helped to answer two separate but related questions:

      • How do organizations describe high potential leaders?
      • What are the specific behaviors and experiences that HiPos have that are different from others?

Learning Objectives

      • Identify key behaviors that exemplify high potential leaders.
      • Discuss how people with high leadership potential engage in at work, and how it separates them from others.
      • Discuss how the findings of research on high potential leaders can impact many talent management practices.