2.1 Professional Burnout and Developing Resiliency

2.1 Professional Burnout and Developing Resiliency

Dr. Henry Martin del Campo

Medical Director

OSF Health Management and Clinician Care Programs

Session Description

Take Aways:

      1. Understanding your limitations.
      2. Acknowledge Stress, identify Stress, take effective action.
      3. Address Stress before you develop health problems or impairment (drugs/alcohol).
      4. Develop Time Management by prioritizing tasks.
      5. Understanding the myth of work / life balance.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Brain changes with stress.
      2. Understanding your Personality Traits that promote stress and develop resiliency.
      3. Identify your activities that promote your stress and strategies to reduce burnout.
      4. Develop habits that can promote resiliency and wellbeing.