1.2 Critical Concepts for Avoiding I-9 Fines

Did you know that most employers are fined for easily avoidable and correctable I-9 mistakes and practices? An estimated 65% to 75% of all Forms I-9 are non-compliant. Fines for each non-compliant I-9 range from $220 to $2,191 per non-compliant I-9. Given that all U.S. employers must complete the Form I-9 for all employees as well as the current presidential administration’s focus on increasing I-9 audits, employers can no longer afford to ignore their I-9 obligations. To shed light on this little understood and frustrating process, Esther Contreras, an immigration attorney, will discuss proper I-9 form completion, various timing requirements and essential procedures that all employers should understand. Whether you have no idea what an I-9 is or are a self-proclaimed I-9 expert, our discussion will cover topics applicable to all levels.

Participants will:

Learn proper I-9 completion procedures, including filling out the form, timing requirements, and most common work and identity documents.

Learn best practices to avoid the top five most commonly fined employer mistakes.

Learn about how to conduct a self-audit and what steps to take in the event of a government audit.