Session Presenters

Anthony Adorno

Director, Consulting Services


1.3 Identifying High Potential Leaders: Data-Driven Insights

James (Agbara) Bryson

3.3 Self-Handicapping Behavior In The Workplace – Behaviors that Sabotage Employee and Organizational Success!

Cindy Byrd

Speaker/Educator/Thinking Partner and Founder/Owner

Image Potential Training and Consulting

2.3 It Must be in the Water:  A Formula for Solving the Conundrum of Employee Engagement

Susan Ibitz

Human Behavior Hacker

3.1 AI & HR- “AI as a Source of Hiring and Human Behavior Hack to Manage Great Teams”

Kesha Kent

Speaker and Consultant

1.1 Networking – It’s a Superpower / Builds Teams and Relationships

David Lubben


Davis & Cambell L.L.C.

1.2 & 2.2 The Workplace Transparency Act and Other New State Laws You Should Know

Dr. Henry Martin del Campo

Medical Director

OSF Health Management and Clinician Care Programs

2.1 Professional Burnout and Developing Resiliency

Donna Moody

Manager of Training and Organizational Development

AAIM Employers’ Association

3.2 How to Develop a Diversity Initiative That Just MIGHT Work!